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The move from Tucson, Ariz. to Glendale, Ariz. would be full of change for new business owner Linda Stenzel. She left her position at previous employer for the past thirty-four years to open Stenzel Sealing Solutions with daughter Mistie Stenzel in early 2012. "I wanted to concentrate our efforts on the industry that I’m passionate about, the Power Generation Industry. I also want to have some control over our destiny for our future," said Linda Stenzel, Owner and acting manager”. My daughter Mistie was born into the business, Mistie has a high degree of mechanical aptitude. Mistie and I have worked together for the past 20 years. I have a clear concise idea of what best in class looks like and we are implementing this at Stenzel Sealing Solutions. Lots of attention to the quality of product and the highest level in customer service. " Stenzel Sealing Solutions is a team of fluid sealing specialists that supply our customers with “Fluid Sealing” solutions. We work on the mechanical side of the plant supplying Gaskets, Seals, Pump/Valve Packing, Duct/Pipe Expansion Joints, Valves, Pipe, Fittings, Flanges, Steam Traps and everything in between. Our focus is the power generation industry which include nuclear, solar, hydro, coal, gas and wind generation. The mother-daughter dynamic has worked well for both Linda and Mistie Stenzel because each of the women "understand" how the other operates. "Working in a business as a mother and daughter has its advantages, there are no surprises when it comes to work ethic, said Mistie Stenzel on her business relationship with her mother. KEEP YOUR HEAD, HEELS AND STANDARDS HIGH, "Small business is what built our country...Anyone who has the moxie to get it started, work hard, do whatever it takes--should have the chance to prove themselves," Linda Stenzel said on opening her own small business. Linda Stenzel is also an acting member of multiple organizations related to her field such as the Fluid Sealing Association, Power Plant Operations and Maintenance, Energy and Utilities Network, and the International Sealing Distributors Association    

Stenzel Sealing Solutions is nominated every year by our customers for the vendor of the year award, which we are honored to partner in our customers SUCCESS Click here to view article