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SSS is an industrial distributor specializing in fluid sealing, FME and drop prevention products, supporting the Power Generation Industry. We are proud to work with the most qualified cutting edge manufacturers in the industry. We offer sound economic solutions for your plants most demanding applications. For access to fluid sealing technologies and reliable solutions count on your partners at Stenzel Sealing Solutions.

SSS supports your needs by sourcing top quality fluid sealing products that ensure long term operation of the mechanical side of your plant. Gaskets and seals, expansion joints, hose, packing, pipes, valves and fittings, flanges are the cornerstone products we supply every day. We are also pleased to furnish an extensive list of Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) and Drop Prevention items

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets provide consistent compressibility. The process of precise winding density control provides a gasket designed to meet your specified seating stress and assures consistent sealing of your most critical fluids. Spiral Wound Gaskets are durable and easily installed and removed.

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints provide superior movement capability in axial compression, axial extension, and lateral deflection, as well as in the angular and torsional direction. This performance cannot be obtained with metallic joints, grooved couplings, or large pipe loops.

Die Cut Gaskets

Die Cut Gaskets to seal components from solid, gas, or liquid leakage. Made from a wide range of material types and thicknesses.

Pipes, Valves, Fittings

Industrial distributor specializing in pipe, valves and fittings. Inquire further about our wide selection of offerings and manufacturers.

Drop Prevention

Drop prevention solutions are designed with the craft in mind, and are third-party tested in the harshest possible conditions. Learn more about our comprehensive collection of tool lanyards, tool holsters, tool belts, and other drop prevention products


Foreign material exclusion products include a full spectrum of FME control. FME covers, low-impact FME alternatives, non-metal versions of common tools, tinted plastics and more.

Additional Products
Gasket sheet
Rubber pipe joints
Duct joints
Metal Joints
Pump/Valve Packing
Metal Hose
Weld Cloth/High Temperature Textiles
Flanges Valve Body Pressure Seals
PTFE Joint Sealant

our main SERVICES

Unparalleled Customer Service.

SSS has 75 years combined expertise in the fluid sealing industry. Our expertise allows us to react quickly to your varied needs. We also offer 24/7 support and are always available when the circumstance requires. We understand when your plant is in outage every minute counts.


Field Support

SSS specializes in understanding the needs of your facility. We provide field surveys, inspection, troubleshooting and reverse engineering services to assist in solutions.



Our friendly staff is always here to help you. Ready to go above and beyond to meet your needs and keep your job moving forward to completion.