Expansion Joints

What are expansion joints used for?

Flexible connectors and expansion joints in piping systems that provide stress relief due to thermal and mechanical vibration and/or movements.

When should expansion joints be used?

Expansion joints should be used to add flexibility in concrete, piping systems, and walls. When to use expansion joints will be determined by the anticipated layout of the piping system or concrete in addition to connected equipment.

What is an expansion joint in Concrete?

An expansion joint in concrete is used to absorb changes in the concrete foundation over time. Temperature changes, vibrations, and movement can cause the concrete to expand and contract over time. The expansion joints in the concrete are designed to help absorb the natural movement and prevent cracks.

What is an expansion joint in a wall?

An expansion joint in a wall is used to allow for changes caused by movement or temperature. The expansion joint separates the wall into designed segments that will aid in preventing cracking to the walls.

Why are expansion joints used in pipelines?

Expansion joints in pipe lines are used for the reduction of mechanical noise and piping loads. These joints also help to absorb changes from movement such as expansion and contraction over time.

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