Industrial Dampers

What is an Industrial damper?
Stenzel Mechanical and Sealing Solutions brings you Heavy-duty flanges frames with several blade styles to modulate, divert, isolate, and shut off airflow or gas in a process system.

What are the main types of industrial dampers?

Determining what type of industrial damper is right for your project is our specialty! Your project may require an inlet vane damper, a multi-blade damper, or a single blade damper.

What is the primary purpose of dampers?

Dampers serve their purpose in the regulation of airflow. Industrial dampers are able to divert and control airflow in a clean air or industrial environment.

How do dampers work?

Industrial dampers work by regulating, controlling, and diverting air and gas flow. The diversion, modulation, and isolation of gas/air is conducted by the industrial dampers.

Our fundamental expertise is based on our years of experiences with Industrial Dampers. Contact our experts today at Stenzel Mechanical and Sealing Solutions to assist in selecting the proper industrial damper for your project or application.