Field Surveys

Stenzel Sealing Solutions can survey your industrial plant to precisely locate your process equipment, either individually, as a category of products, or completely. We can use the latest 3D laser scanning and modelling technology to add detail to surveys, as much detail as you require, to help support facility additions, turnarounds, and scheduled maintenance activities.

Typical field surveys, like those we regularly do for expansion joints within a facility, begin with an analysis of any existing data that may be available from previous product purchases and the onsite maintenance store, to help develop a current baseline for the survey. The formal asset survey involves a comprehensive analysis and recording the current pictorial image, location, asset, size, offsets, temperature, pressure, elastomer, measured hot or cold status, survey date, installation date, and replacement date of each asset.

Our full process will measure as-built conditions for targeted assets, and map and model systems, structures, equipment, piping, and all interconnected and integrated components to provide accurate records for immediate and future replacement needs, in addition to preventative maintenance monitoring.

With older facilities comes greater settling of components and systems. Our field surveys will not only provide asset identification and tracking information, but also information on component movement that might be important once disassembly occurs during maintenance activities. Field asset survey reports provide critical data for our customers to gain reliability and preventative measurements which minimize downtime and premature failure of joints in operation and maximizes the return on investment (ROI) for the assets and level of safety of the system.