Stenzel Sealing Solutions is a premier engineer of metal expansion joints used in the maintenance, repair, and operation side of plants and facilities. We consistently have inventory in stock, and are readily available to discuss what best meets your needs. Our team has an extensive range of technical expertise and is ready to help you. 

When Are Metal Expansion Joints Needed?

It is essential to know when to use metal expansion joints for piping. Knowing when to use these types of expansion joints can help prevent wasting time and money in the future. At Stenzel Sealing Solutions, we recognize how crucial it is to have the right type of expansion joint for your job site. That is why we offer a variety of expansion joints for different industry needs.

How Metal Expansion Joints Are Used

These types of expansion joints are mainly used to deal with thermal expansion by compensating for the movement of heat throughout materials and component systems, such as pipelines. Metal expansion joints can do this by reducing or eliminating cracks or distortions in the materials that would otherwise lead to the system failing. 

Metal bellows are designed to expand and contract with temperature changes. With these bellows in action, metal expansion joints can easily deal with any natural movement in materials due to an impact from the heat or cold.

How to Know if Your Metal Expansion Joints Are Functioning Properly

Many different types of tests can be performed to test if your metal expansion joints are running properly. Some of these tests include:

  • High and low-frequency testing
  • Heat transfer testing
  • Spring rate testing
  • Metal bellows burst testing
  • Movement capacity testing

These different tests can be performed by a certified professional in order to determine the quality of the metal expansion joints and if they are meeting their standard requirements.

Your Trusted Metal Expansion Joint Supplier

metal expansion joint

At Stenzel Sealing Solutions, we provide various industries with metal premium metal expansion joints such as:

Our top-tier metal expansion joint options are designed to elevate your industrial systems to a new level of performance. We are committed to your success and nothing less.

Common Applications of Metal Expansion Joints

Metal expansion joints can serve as the optimal expansion joint to choose when scoping out your next project. Some common applications of metal expansion joints include: 

  • Diesel Engine Exhaust
  • Diesel Generator Exit & Boiler Flue
  • High & Low-Pressure Turbine Piping
  • Main Feed Pump Suction
  • Propeller Shaft Air System
  • Condensate Pump Suction
  • Saturated & Superheated Steam
  • Turbine Crossover
  • Condenser Transfer

Need Reliable Metal Expansion Joints?

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